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The Green party is funded entirely by ordinary people – not the rich, big businees or the trade unions. That means we are 99% run by volunteers – but ensures complete independence in policy­making.

We currently have one MP, Caroline Lucas, a member of the House of Lords, Jenny Jones, and two London Assembly members: Sian Berry and Caroline Russell. And we have two MEPs. We are a fair pay party that seeks to ensure we practice what we preach in terms of advocating for a more equal society – where no one at the top is paid more than twice the person at the bottom. Hackney Council is around 1:10 – living wage of ~£17,000 vs chief executive pay of £170,000. Some banks are 1:300. Staggering!

On Thursday 15th September there was an election to choose a new mayor for Hackney.

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Morgan James: Green Candidate for Hoxton

Morgan James - Green Candidate for HoxtonMorgan James was selected as our candidate in the Hoxton West ward elections on Thursday 3rd November 2016 following the stepping down of Philip Granville to become Major of Hackney.

Morgan's background is in teaching and charity work in Britain and abroad. Morgan said "I know the importance of strong links with Europe and the value that immigrants can bring to a society. I also know what it is like to be on hated zero-hours contracts first hand, and will fight against them. I firmly support progressive rail re-nationalisation and as a long-term renter I fully back an expansion of high quality social housing."


Samir Jeraj: Green candidate for Mayor of Hackney

Samir Jeraj was selected as our candidate for the Mayor for Hackney election in September.

Samir Jeraj currently works for a race equality charity; working on inequality and discrimination in housing, health, criminal justice and social care. He is also one of the co-ordinators of Hackney Green Party, having been a member for over 11 years. Samir was successfully elected to Norwich City Council in 2008 and spent four years working on issues ranging from cuts in social services to neighbourhood policing. He also served as spokesperson on Community Development and as Deputy Leader of the Opposition on the council.

A passionate campaigner for better housing in London, Samir is co-author of The Rent Trap, which examines the current state of renting in the UK.

Samir Jeraj said: "Hackney should be in the hands of the people. The Council too often is doing something to Hackney and its people, rather than working with them. We have seen this with the disastrous and embarrassing homeless ban, with the failed cycle scheme in London Fields, and now with proposals to build on Haggerston Park. A Green Mayor will put the people of Hackney at the heart of everything the council does. "

Find out more about Samir and his manifesto.


Meet our by-election candidates for Hackney Downs and Stoke Newington

Alastair Binnie-Lubbock stood for Hackney Downs and Halita Obineche stood for Stoke Newington for the Greens in the Hackney by-election on 5th May, the same date as the Mayoral and London Assembly elections and followed the resingation of two councillors.

Alastair Binnie-LubbockAlastair has been a Hackney Downs resident his whole life. He is a youth worker, film-maker and events producer who has volunteered at Hackney Night Shelter. 

Halita has spent almost a decade working for various non-profits and volunteers at the local intergenerational arts charity, Magic Me. She is passionate about social action, community engagement, and a hyperlocal approach to economic growth and sustainability.

Alastair Binnie-Lubbock says: “Education, housing, and the environment are at the top of my agenda, and if elected I would fight plans to build two tower blocks of totally unaffordable housing in Hackney Downs.

“I will also argue for a better plan for the Lower Clapton Road / Urswick junction development that takes into account the needs and safety of the elderly, blind & partially-sighted pedestrians and cyclists. And I would argue forcefully that Hackney Council divest its pension funds of dirty fossil fuels and investments in the unethical arms trade.”

Halita Obineche says: “I will campaign to maintain the unique character of Stoke Newington, whilstHalita Obineche supporting the thriving local economy. Key to community cohesion and empowerment is the support of independent local businesses and the development of new social action and volunteering initiatives to enable our community to have a voice and a sense of ownership. I will fight tirelessly to give our community that voice.

“This is one of the most culturally, economically and ethnically diverse areas in the world and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.”





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