Hackney Green Party campaigns

I like clean air campaignClean Air for Hackney!


We are supporting local parents with their "I Like Clean Air" campaign, as well as working with Katherine Hamnett and Save Lea Marshes on the issue of glyphosate (RoundUp) spraying


Campaigns Housing in HackneyHousing - homes not investments!

We are working on a range of housing policies and campaigns, including supporting the New Era Estate residents, fighting the bedroom tax, working with Hackney Renters (DIGS) and investigating other inequalities in Hackney's housing market.


Campaigns - register to vote in the coming electionMake Sure Your Vote Counts!

Proportional representation at local elections (and beyond) would ensure a fairer, more democratic voting system where your vote really matters. Sign the petition now!


Campaigns - no to austerity protestsNo to Austerity!

The Green Party are the only political party who argue against current and future austerity measures - policies that are counter-productive and target the poor and most vulnerable. Read more about the party's policies here.

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